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Finding a Real Estate Broker to Sell your Home


best real estate brokers

best real estate brokers

The Best Real Estate Brokers for Fast Home Sales and Purchases


Its not easy finding the top real estate company in your area.  Everyone claims to be the best.  How do you know who to trust?  Finding the right broker makes a huge difference in how your home is marketed which in turn leads to how much your home will sell for.  The first tip is to ask the potential brokers about their closing rate.  The best brokers will know what their closing rate is.   

Closing rate is simply the number of homes listed divided by the number of homes sold

Many home sellers are under the impression that every house that gets listed gets sold.  That is simply not the case.  In most real estate markets, about 50% of the homes that get listed for sale actually go to closing.  Real Estate Brokers that have systems in place for selling your home fast and at the right price are the ones with closing rates higher than the market average.

Ask about their real estate experience.  The top Real Estate Brokers have years of extensive industry experience and are committed to excellence in all of their selling and buying services including timely access to home and property listings, along with dedicated services for both buyers and sellers. They also specialize in virtual tours and take care of the physical walk-throughs and open houses. A good real estate broker will use high-end photography to capture and showcase homes for buyers allowing them to effectively market your home to attract and engage buyers.


Real Estate Experience is a Must

When looking for the right real estate broker to sell your home or to purchase a home, industry experience is a must. Real Estate Brokers are required to stay abreast of all the latest industry trends and developments to keep their licenses.  This allows them to ensure that the information and services that they offer for buyers and sellers is accurate and current. Agents should also be using the latest technologies for optimal client communications including social media platforms for marketing and advertising home and business property sales. These networks also enable realtors, buyers and sellers to interact with one another and is a great way to answer all questions and concerns quickly and efficiently ensuring a smooth process for all those involved.  You will also want a broker that thinks outside the box – looking at new ways to market your home.  


Professional Services are Essential

The best real-estate companies will be able to offer the following services for buyers and sellers alike:


  • Virtual tours, physical tours, walk-throughs, Open Houses, and short-sale services
  • The ability to connect interested buyers to a range of available property listings in a timely manner
  • Ensure that seller offers are met across the board and connected to the right buyers and the right offers
  • Offers professional photography, social media access to homes
  • Gives good customer service that leaves a smile on all buyer and seller faces.
  • Professional real estate photography
  • Featured listings on their real estate website


Use a 3rd party website for data

There are many 3rd party websites that specialize in showing the top real estate agents, brokers and websites.  They look at statistics and web traffic to help you make the best decision.  Here are a couple of those sites:

Top USA Real Estate



In addition to these companies, they have many directories of real estate agents that you can review.


Choosing the right real estate broker to represent you in selling you home is a big decision.   Do not take it lightly.  With the sale of a home being one of the largest financial transactions of most peoples lives, its worth some due diligence.